Main developer:
            Federico Tomassini aka Efphe

Developers and Testers:
            Michele Antinori aka Depa
            Luis Cortes
            Gregory Baker

Debian Packages:
            Antonio de Luci aka Imu             Andrea Gasparini aka Gaspa

            Luca Cascioli aka Lio
            Francesco Ballarini aka Balla
            Francesco Leopoldi aka Kecco
            Andrea Gasparini aka Gaspa
            The Freaknet community

In particular:

Depa saw the Mother birth: he proposed some good ideas and he discovered a lot of bugs were.
Thanks to Luis for his work and his testing activity. The SQLite support is one of his proposals and some chapters of the MotherManual are written by his hands.
Gregory fixed some bugs for the windows environment.
When Plone was used to build this site, Lio created the Mother logo and Balla was the main style designer. The migration of the site from Plone to html was supervised by Kecco.
Thanks to the Freaknet community, which hosts this site and the subversion repository.